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Failure…painful yet necessary

It is hard. It makes us miserable. Most of the time, we remain so discouraged that we don’t have the desire to try again. What we probably don’t know is that failure is necessary for sweet success to be realized. failure awakens us, makes us look back and closely trace the steps we took, and how we took them in attempt to come up with a solution, or better off “the” solution. Success rarely makes do so. Success on the other hand almost always makes us believe we did everything right, and so many of us do not go back and learn on the retro-moves.

When looked through a completely different viewpoint, failure can prove to be a correctional tool for it is the mirror that reflects our past moves and compels us make revisions and corrections. In fact, it is arguable that failure is more of an asset than a liability. Upon failure, mourn if you can, then get up pick up your morsels and scrutinize all that went wrong and come up with feasible solutions to each of them. And when you are ready to move on, integrate all those solutions effectively into your work and keep watchful not to let any of those past mistakes be repeated. The less mistakes we repeat the more chances we have of doing things right. The more you do things right, the more we get lucky and successful. Just remember, don’t bury failure—unearth it because in it is so many answers critical for future endeavors.

Opportunity…is everywhere

Opportunity is everywhere. Just look around and see the vast population of people around us. Whenever we talk about opportunity, people are always discouraged when told that opportunity is all around us. They wonder why they are blind to that which is seemingly visible to others. However, to simply explain this, we would say that as long as there are people living in a place, then there is an opportunity always waiting to be discovered. Solve a human need, and you will not fail to find people who are ready to pay for the service. Solve a dire human need, and richness will chase you fast down to the bank. Then if we can all do this, then where is the problem? It simply is that what people look for is not always what opportunity always looks like. You expect a product, but all you see is the raw material. You expect a beautiful dress, what you have is a fabric. All this time, it doesn’t click home that opportunity rarely comes fully clothed ready to go.

Opportunity is that little baby that is naked waiting to be clothed. It is that irregularity that is waiting to be made regular. That missing link is the role we have to play. However, human nature by default is lazy. Struggle is hard, and we don’t working long hours. Some of us hate work with a sincere passion. Therefore, it helps to realize that when we push ourselves to just do this one thing named work, then success and ultimately freedom becomes granted to us. In retrospect, we then wonder what we were scared of in the beginning. We then wish we would have started earlier. But then we forget that at that particular moment, we were ignorant of what really opportunity is–that ragged, unrealized end result whose beginning is right on our face.

Thoughts…Make us or Break us

When pursuing goals and money, most people forget that money, like a beautiful female, is an elusive chase. You chase it, and the more you do, the less of it you realize and the more vigorous the chase becomes, the harder the toll works on us. It makes no sense that those people who get involved the most at the grass-root level, are on the lower scale on the pay roll, while those who get involved the least with the mud enjoy the kings share. It almost seems unfair until you realize that the laws that control everything on earth is mostly misunderstood. We become what we think about. Those who think more about lack realize more of it, while those who think more about success and wealth realize more of it. It so happens that a low-earning individual or a poor person probably has a “poverty” mindset, and spends more time wishing. Wishing almost always drives away that which is desired. Those who wish do not want it badly enough. Those who do want something bad enough go out and get it, and almost always achieve that which they are after.

To achieve something, you got to want badly enough, and get on a dedicated chase. Merely giving it a try to see whether you will hit or miss is not enough. You have to have the mindset, make the plan and move. Staying on track till achievement of a deserved goal always involves gathering enough courage to get you started and enough motivation to get you going to the very end of your goals. Success is sweet, and once you get their, you always remember that it was indeed worth it giving up everything to get there. All of us have the “lemon” status in us, that which we have to awaken and make a “lemonade” out of. You only have to decide strongly, and control those thoughts that determine everything. You only have to want it bad enough. We all can be motivated to get to that level. But most importantly, we all have to motivate ourselves to get us out of that stressful situation. Someone can get us out of it, but nothing is ever as sweet and fulfilling as knowing that you worked your way out of it on your own.


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